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e-prescription: targeting success with two brands

Operating seven online pharmacies for the German market, the Group is the third-largest player in the online pharmacy market in Germany. Four million customers regularly place orders with us.

As part of our ambition to grow the company further and exploit the potential offered by e-prescriptions, we will be pursuing a two-brand strategy going forward. We will be relying on our online pharmacies at apodiscounter and to deliver success as flagships with their distinctly separate strategic positioning within the prescription market.

apodiscounter is the largest online pharmacy in the Group, giving around 1.5 million customers the opportunity to order more than 70,000 products with a focus on OTC medication, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical cosmetics.

apodiscounter is the only discounter among the major online pharmacies in Germany and offers low prices combined with fast, reliable delivery performance. Since July 2021, customers have also been able to redeem their prescriptions via apodiscounter, making it a one-stop shop for all their health needs.

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Our health platform is tailored to the needs of chronically ill people. Patients can not only redeem their prescriptions at, but are also supported with digital services and advice such as medication analysis, drug interaction checks, and pharmaceutical video advice. In addition, multimedia information is available on the focus diseases diabetes, hypertension, and multiple sclerosis, which are reviewed by a team of pharmaceutical experts.

The aim is to accompany patients on their way to self-determined health management in the long term and to improve their health-related quality of life.



Other online pharmacies

The Group’s portfolio also includes the five pharmacies,,, and for the German market as well as the two international online pharmacies in Poland and in Austria.

More than 75,000 products are available from our online pharmacies, including 25,000 prescription-only items and 50,000 over-the-counter products. Our range enables us to ensure that our customers receive comprehensive, safe and high-quality pharmaceutical care. Our long-standing partners include 300 manufacturers of 1,500 brands, among them Bayer Vital GmbH, Beiersdorf AG and L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH.

Our own brand
apodiscounter - Health products in pharmaceutical quality at a low price

In our online pharmacies, we exclusively offer our own brand apodiscounter, which is characterized by first-class quality at low prices. The wide apodiscounter portfolio includes a variety of products, including medicines such as ibuprofen tablets, medical products, nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals, as well as care products. The apodiscounter brand products offer our customers an attractive alternative to expensive pharmacy products from well-known brand manufacturers.

The development of our products is based on sound expertise and many years of know-how. Each of the approximately 100 products undergoes a careful process within our interdisciplinary development team. From the selection and composition of ingredients to production, packaging design and official registration, we oversee every step ourselves. In this way, we ensure our high quality standards and offer our customers a reliable product portfolio.

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