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Powerful logistics and strong expertise across three sites

Our almost 350 employees based at our three European sites near Leipzig (Germany), in Duiven (Netherlands) and in Wroclaw (Poland) generated revenue of EUR 200 million during the 2020 financial year (2015: EUR 60 million), enabling us to maintain our position as the largest privately-owned online pharmacy in the German market.

More than 75,000 products are available from our nine online shops, including 25,000 prescription-only items and 50,000 non-prescription (OTC) products. Our long-standing partners include 300 manufacturers of more than 1,500 brands, among them Bayer Vital GmbH, Beiersdorf AG and L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH.

The apo.com Group has a share of around 20 percent in the online pharmacy market’s OTC business and accounts for 1 to 2 percent of the prescription drugs market. We see significant growth potential in prescription redemption due to the introduction of e-prescription.

350 employees

at three sites

75,000 products

for our customers

EUR 200 million

revenue in 2020

Our sites
350 employees at three European sites

Some 350 employees play their part in the company’s success at our three sites in Markkleeberg near Leipzig (Germany), Duiven (Netherlands) and Wroclaw (Poland). Our two highly-automated logistics centres are located at our headquarters near Leipzig as well as in Duiven.

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