The strategy of the Group

Our philosophy
Health tech: combining human expertise with technological innovation

For us, healthtech is not a buzzword but the heart of our corporate strategy. We understand that patients’ needs are changing. Our aim is to provide people with the best possible support to help them manage their health with preventative products and those that supplement their treatment.

To do this, we rely on AI-supported logistics technology, innovative digital services and pharmaceutical expertise. Robot-supported picking systems, automated control mechanisms and bot-based services also play their part, together with our strong business intelligence team and individual advice from our experienced pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical expertise
Top-quality advice – anywhere, any time

As a pharmaceutical healthcare provider, our aim is to support our patients with all their day-to-day health needs. With this in mind, we offer our patients high-quality pharmaceutical advice that they can access anywhere, any time, thanks to our skilled team of experienced pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians.

We want to grow together with our patients and develop into one of the leading healthtech companies in the pharmaceuticals sector.

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Innovative logistics
One of the most advanced logistics facilities in the German market

The Group operates highly-automated pharmaceutical logistics centres at its sites near Leipzig and in Duiven. Our AI-supported automation enables extremely high output and leads the way in the German online pharmacy market. Going forward, we will be able to ship up to 100,000 orders the same day across the two locations.

25,000 sqm of logistics space

in Leipzig and Duiven

52,000 packages

capacity per day

15 robots

at AI-supported order picking stations

Logistics in Leipzig

The Group’s first logistics facility opened at the company’s headquarters in Leipzig in 2006. A total of 25,000 orders per day can be processed and shipped by our employees on a 5,000 sqm logistics area. The facility’s proximity to Leipzig Airport and the global DHL Hub means orders can be dispatched quickly and reliably.

We are proud of our reliable next-day service as well as the “apo express” same-day option, which allows us to deliver goods to customers in selected delivery areas on the day they place their order. The company has logistics partnerships with DHL, Hermes and DPD, and with shipping provider Angel for same-day delivery.

Logistics in Duiven

The logistics facility in the Dutch town of Duiven began operating in 2020. It is strategically positioned just a few kilometres behind the German-Dutch border. The facility’s high degree of automation sets it well apart from the competition in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Its 15 robots can pick orders completely automatically from 85,000 storage containers. The automated storage and retrieval system in Duiven covers some 20,000 sqm of space, with a conveyor system that stretches for 1.2 kilometres.

Doing business responsibly

Sustainability is on our agenda in all areas of the Group to ensure that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. We have already taken our first steps in this context. Most of our cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials. Where filling material is required, we use fully biodegradable packing peanuts. When it comes to shipping we work closely with DHL, which delivers packages in an environmentally-friendly way based on its sustainability strategy.

Sixty-five percent of our power comes from renewable sources, with energy-saving LED lighting systems as standard. Our small fleet of company vehicles is electric, while our JobRad company bicycle scheme provides employees with a healthy, carbon-neutral way to get to work.

We also give our staff the opportunity to work from home to avoid unnecessary car journeys. Our canteen works with regional organic produce and offers vegetarian and vegan dishes every day.

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