Healthcare in Germany
The potential of e-prescription

30.05.2022, News

This week, the Gematik members will decide when the e-prescription will be introduced nationwide in Germany. Compared to other European countries, Germany is a latecomer, but the digital prescription is still a topic of discussion. The fact that the e-prescription brings numerous advantages for all players in the healthcare system is often ignored.

We see the introduction of the e-prescription as an opportunity to ensure comprehensive healthcare in Germany. Particularly in rural regions and for people with high medication needs, such as chronically ill and elderly people, the e-prescription will make everyday life easier. The e-prescription is also an essential component of the digitization of the healthcare system, reducing bureaucracy and saving costs – money that can then be used for the benefit of patients’ health and for preventive care.

The BVDVA has summarized further advantages of the e-prescription here: