apo.com Group fastest growing online pharmacy group in Germany

23.11.2022, Pressemitteilung Download

Leipzig, 11/23/2022 – apo.com Group is currently the fastest growing online pharmacy group in Germany. While the online pharmacy market grew by only 1.4% in 2022 during the current crisis and following Corona, the apo.com Group brands grew by over 30%. This enabled the group to increase its market share from 7% to over 11% this year. Projected sales for the full year 2022 are expected to exceed 260 million euros.

Dr. Oliver Scheel, Chief Executive Officer: “We will be able to successfully conclude 2022 as a year full of records: Record revenue, record growth, record market shares, record number of new customers acquired and packages shipped. I am very pleased that we have developed so strongly in an overall difficult market environment. We want to continue this development in 2023 and continue our customer-oriented strategy unchanged with focus, passion and cost discipline. This will enable us to become profitable in 2023.”

“Our state-of-the-art distribution plants deliver increasing volumes of parcels to our customers in Germany every day – currently up to 50,000 units. We have also professionalized ourselves internally and externally, hiring 65 new employee:s in 2022,” added Dr. Oliver Scheel.

The apo.com Group is pursuing a two-brand strategy to position itself successfully, crisis-proof and sustainably. With a TV campaign for the established brand apodiscounter.de with Ruth Moschner as testimonial and a media budget of 7.2 million euros, a gross reach of 700 million contact points was achieved in 2022. This significantly increased brand awareness.

The apo.com Group is also pursuing ambitious goals for 2023. Above all, the relaunch and the associated repositioning of the apo.com brand are to contribute to tapping new target groups. As a second strategic pillar within the brand strategy, apo.com particularly addresses chronically ill patients.

“With targeted digital services, we want to support people in taking their health management into their own hands and integrating it into their daily lives in the best possible way,” says Dr. Oliver Scheel. “In this way, we want to make a contribution to advancing the digitization of the healthcare system in the interest of improving the quality of life of patients.”

The nationwide rollout of e-prescribing in Germany, on the other hand, fell through this year. “Even though we at apo.com Group are nevertheless on the road to success, I very much regret this development. For 2023, I wish that all players in the health care sector will no longer close their minds to progress and will engage in the digitalization of our industry with constructive contributions,” says Dr. Oliver Scheel.