New health platform supports self-determined health management

31.05.2023, Pressemitteilung Download

Every second German is chronically ill / New health platform closes gaps in healthcare / Digital services for more therapy safety and self-determined health management

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Leipzig, 05/31/2023 – Every second German is chronically ill. Of the 125 million prescriptions issued each quarter in Germany, 80 percent are for patients with chronic conditions. These patients often require lifelong treatment, which requires intensive, interdisciplinary care by physicians and other health care professionals. Due to the low level of intersectoral networking in the German health care system and the decreasing number of pharmacies and general practitioners, especially in rural regions, gaps in care are emerging. The Group is repositioning its brand to close these gaps. It is developing its online pharmacy into a health platform that focuses on chronically ill people and their needs. Patients are supported with digital services such as medication analysis, drug interaction checks and pharmaceutical video advice, and provided with multimedia information about their illness so that they can take charge of their health management in a self-determined manner.

“Most of the problems, needs and worries of chronically ill people occur outside of doctor’s visits. It is precisely then that we want to be there for them, supporting them in all situations and giving them back control over their lives. Through our individualized and cross-sector services, we can accompany chronically ill people along their entire Patient Journey, from the first symptoms and diagnosis to follow-up after successful therapy,” says Oliver Scheel, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Group. “What would make it even easier for us to support these people is the nationwide introduction of e-prescribing in Germany. Especially with a regular, high demand for medication, as brought about by a chronic illness, this would be an enormous relief in everyday life.”

Digital services support treatment safety and prevention

Around 40 percent of Germans have experienced problems with taking medicines. Often there are over- or underdoses, for example due to forgotten doses, or interactions due to multi-medication. A medication analysis with drug interaction check examines whether medications influence each other. Thus, offers patients therapeutic safety in case of necessary multi-medication. An additional patient-specific drug supply consisting of a medication plan, intake reminders, and pharmaceutical advice supports patients in continuing their therapy consistently and achieving their therapy goals. The starting point for intersectoral cooperation is an online dermatologist, which is integrated into the health platform. In prevention, offers assistance at any time and from any location, including recommendations for action through symptom checks and a multimedia guide.

Knowledge strengthens self-competence and confidence in therapy provides patients with comprehensive, scientifically validated, yet easy-to-understand information about diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension. Educational videos, infographics, and the podcast “Chronisch Mensch” provide transparent and easy-to-understand information about the diseases, their risk factors, and preventive measures. The aim is to strengthen the patients’ self-competence and enable them to actively participate in their therapy. In addition, the platform also provides a point of contact for family members to obtain information and to better assist those affected.

#chronischMensch – more awareness for chronic diseases

This holistic care also helps patients with the emotional challenges of a chronic illness. Often, people with chronic diseases shy away from dealing with it openly because they fear negative social consequences. wants to support people with chronic diseases to be more involved in society and show them that they can lead a self-determined life despite a chronic disease. Under the motto #chronischMensch, wants to raise awareness that illness is part of being human and should therefore have as much a place in society as being healthy. Especially because every second person in Germany is chronically ill, this is a topic that concerns the entire society.