apo.com Group remains Germany’s fastest growing online pharmacy group and achieves break-even in adjusted EBITDA

31.07.2023, Pressemitteilung
  • • apo.com Group grows by 30% in the first half of 2023 and remains Germany’s fastest-growing online pharmacy group
  • • Break-even in operating business consolidated in the first half of the year
  • • Revenue of over 300 million Euros expected for the entire year 2023
  • • Sustainable growth through two-brand strategy

Leipzig, 07/31/2023 – apo.com Group looks back on a successful first half of the year and remains the fastest growing online pharmacy group in Germany. Despite the challenges posed by persistent inflation and a declining economic performance, the company recorded growth of around 30% year-on-year. This puts apo.com Group well above the market growth rate, which is 6.8% for the first half of the year in terms of revenue development in the online pharmacy market. The e-commerce market in Germany even recorded a revenue-related decline of 13.7% compared to the first half of 2022.

Especially in sales, the apo.com Group developed strongly in the first half of the year compared to the market: While sales in the online pharmacy market declined by – 4.4 % compared to the previous year, apo.com Group recorded an increase of 24.5 %. With a market share of over 10 %, apo.com Group is an emerging player in the German online pharmacy market. For the full year 2023, the company expects revenues of well over 300 million Euros.

“I am very pleased that we are delivering our planned growth despite the challenging economic environment,” said Dr. Oliver Scheel, Chief Executive Officer of apo.com Group. “Already in December 2022, we have reached a milestone for our company by reporting a positive adjusted EBITDA margin for the first time in the company’s history. In the first half of 2023, we were able to show that this success is not a flash in the pan by continuing to be in the black.”

Two-brand strategy for sustainable growth

With its two main brands apo.com and apodiscounter.de, the apo.com Group is positioning itself broadly and creating the basis for long-term and successful growth. Since June 2023, the Group has been offering apo.com, a new health platform specifically for people with chronic illnesses. With flexible consulting offers, new digital services and multimedia information, apo.com supports those affected in their self-determined health management.

For the first time, AI-based technology is used in the form of a symptom checker. A chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence asks users dynamic questions, evaluates risks, and automatically derives initial assessments. The results are based on specialist medical information, with the help of which the system recognizes over 1200 symptoms and can derive more than 650 clinical pictures from them. The symptom checker can help to quickly assess the health situation and make better decisions.

At apodiscounter.de, with Ruth Moschner as testimonial, the focus is on selling over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetic products at discount prices. Orders are shipped on the basis of 95% highly automated, AI-supported pharmaceutical logistics.

Improved medication care through digitally accessible e-prescription

A fully digitally accessible e-prescription is an important step in improving healthcare for people with chronic illnesses. “People with chronic illnesses in particular often have a high demand for prescribed medications. The e-prescription offers the chance for patients and their relatives to integrate medication more easily into their everyday lives and thus improve their quality of life,” says Dr. Oliver Scheel.