Digital services: New bridges between patients and healthcare providers

15.02.2024, News

Digitalization is reshaping healthcare – and the Group is part of this change with its online pharmacies and the platform. By providing advice and services digitally, we make it easier for people to manage their health and promote the safety of drug therapy. The fact that these services can be used easily via smartphone or laptop is particularly helpful for chronically ill and immobile patients, people in rural areas and anyone who wants to save time and travel in their everyday lives.

Digital services enhance treatment safety and prevention

Around 40 percent of people in Germany have had difficulties taking their medication, often due to over- or underdosing, taking it at the wrong time or interactions with multiple medications. This is where the health platform comes in with its medication analysis and interaction check: These services check whether medications influence each other and thus contribute to drug therapy safety. Complemented by an individual medication plan, medication reminders and pharmaceutical advice via video chat, supports patients in consistently following their therapy and achieving therapy goals.

Knowledge strengthens self-competence and trust in therapy

In prevention, offers assistance at any time and from anywhere, including recommendations for action through a symptom check and multimedia guides. The health platform guide is available via app and browser. Explanatory videos, infographics and the “Chronisch Mensch” podcast provide information about diseases, their risk factors and preventive measures. All information is scientifically proven and easy to understand. The aim is to improve patients’ health literacy and to encourage active participation in treatment. Relatives can also find valuable information here to better support those affected.

Medication, advice and health-related services in one place

By combining expertise, technology and a deep understanding of our patients’ needs, the Group is helping to simplify individual health management and continuously improve the quality of healthcare.

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